ILTexas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charter school system that consists of elementary, middle, and high schools, serving the DFW and Houston areas with total enrollment currently around 19,000 students and growing rapidly. This is a great opportunity to showcase commitment to the community and foster goodwill from the area.


Your sponsorship will enable us to provide opportunities for our athletes that would not be available to them otherwise. Sponsorships help us with travel, lodging, equipment and necessary apparel along with other athletic expenses.

In return, there are many potential benefits that we are willing to offer our sponsors. These might include:


  • Signage at the Soccer, Baseball fields & Basketball courts at our schools.

  • Placement of Logo on programs and printed materials

  • Logo on webpage

  • Announcement at games naming and thanking our sponsors

  • Naming and Thanking our Sponsors through Facebook and/or Twitter

If given the opportunity we will show commitment to our financial sponsors and work with them in an evolving basis to facilitate a relationship that will benefit both organizations and promote education, athletics and the community.

For further Information contact:


Travis Conger